Update on research

I thought I would update you on how my research is going. So far I have been to the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Librarytwice now and am quite pleased with what I have accomplished. Today was the better of the two days. I found dozens of letters and a new angle for my thesis. My original focus was to examine camps of instruction in Illinois outside of the two major camps (Camp Butler in Springfield and Camp Douglas in Chicago), both of which later served as prisons. I wanted to see what letters there were written from the camp of instruction of the 21st Illinois Infantry Regiment. You may wonder why I looked at only this one regiment, it is because the first colonel for this unit was none other than Ulysses S. Grant. Well, the primary camp of instruction for the Twenty-first was near Ironton, Missouri. There are many letters from one soldier in the unit from this camp. I am still considering working this into the thesis since it is an Illinois unit. The big consideration that I need to make is will it add to my thesis and can I make a viable thesis without it. If you are a Civil War historian (professor especially) and have a suggestion, please either leave a comment or email me.


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