Seeking new writers

I am putting out a call for new writers for my site.  This is in response to increased attention as a result of joining the site Civil War Top 100 (you may notice the small icon on the right).  That said, if you are visiting and have knowledge of the war (i.e. if you are a historian, professor who teaches the Civil War, reenactor, or history buff) and would be interested in writing for this site, please email me with the following:


Preferred email

Website (if you have one relating to the Civil War, as it will be linked)

Institutional affiliation (if you teach for a college)

A biography telling me and our readers a bit about yourself, which will be included on the Authors page.  You will have your own page like mine for example.  Your biography does not have to be as long as mine, but just enough to give readers a good idea about you.

I hope that you will consider writing for this site as I am always looking for new writers to contribute their knowledge.  If this is something that interests you, please consider emailing me.

Daniel Sauerwein

Civil War History creator


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