Some interesting Civil War reenacting videos on YouTube

I just searched for curiosity on You Tube for Civil War reenacting videos and stumbled across these two, which I thought were really well done.

“Gettysburg Civil War reenactment footage”

“145th Manassas civil war reenactment”

There are many others and I encourage you to check some of them out.  Also, if you are interested in doing what the people in the videos do, check out some of my links that are related to reenacting, or search the web for units near your hometown, as they sometimes are looking for new members that are eager to learn about the war.


2 thoughts on “Some interesting Civil War reenacting videos on YouTube

  1. The only area I could slightly disagree is in the Civil War reenacting’s units interest in those seeking to join and become part of the living history hobby. We collectively are always looking for those who are interesting in participating whether they are military or civilian. The civilian aspect of the hobby is also growing, as there are those who portray members of the Sanitary Commission, the nursing corps, news correspondents, artists, photographers, you get the idea. Also, the hobby is not limited to men, women also participate without their historically disinterested husbands! Other bring their entire families, as there are roles for every one of them to play.

    You will never be able to fully appreciate times being what they were until you have dressed the part, camped in the rain, held the rifle, and faced the enemy.

    Thank you for posting these, and keeping history alive!

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