Hope for the Future: One Teen’s Passion for History

I experienced an interesting encounter the last couple of days on the forum of Civil War Interactive, which is the same site that tracks my blog. I had decided to properly introduce myself in the Introduction board (my impromptu posts in other areas not getting responses) and received hearty welcomes from forum members, which I hope will translate into readers of this site. Anyway, one reply struck me. It was from a sixteen year old high school student named Sarah. She mentioned her blog and that she had been reading mine, so I decided to look at her site. Her blog, Ten Roads, though just starting, has great potential. She typically posts on happenings and other information surrounding the Gettysburg Train Station, which she volunteers at.

Sarah seems interested in affiliating with this site eventually in some way and only time will tell as to how that can work. I encourage everyone to check out her blog and support her efforts. I wish her the best of luck in her work and have confidence that with time and more experience she will become a fine historian.

The site of a high school student blogging about history made me think deeply about my own self. I was left wondering about where my sites would be had I started at 16 and how big they might be with seven years behind them. It gives me hope for the future, as history will still have a future as long as young people like Sarah exist.

I encourage all young people to remember that there is much more to history than just dates and names, and that if you have even a small interest in history, consider starting a blog and get in touch with historians and seek their support and advice. If you are unsure about starting your own site, consider getting in touch with someone that runs a history blog and ask them if they would give you a chance. If most history bloggers are like myself, we are always looking for new ideas and new writers to build our sites. Well, I must end this to work on another project and prepare for a meeting this evening. As always, until next time, keep researching.


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