Geography and the Civil War

I thought I would take a break from the typical history based post this week and talk a bit about the influence of geography on the Civil War. This is related to the field of military geography, which examines how both the discipline of geography and the geography of the land and water affect warfare and the ability for a nation to wage war. I am currently working on a directed study with one of my fellow graduate students and a professor of Geography on American military geography, which is allowing us to combine military history and military geography. During our weekly meeting today, I was briefly looking up military geography related to the Civil War and stumbled upon a nice website that deals with the subject. The website is through the Civil War Center at Louisiana State University, and is titled “Geography and the Civil War”. I am looking forward to examining this subject a bit more and hope to have a research poster soon on important sources in early American Military Geography, which will naturally include the Civil War. If you are interested in learning more about what I am doing with military geography, then check out our website, The Military Geography Project. Until next time, keep researching.

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