Oops, My Bad

My deepest apologies to the fine folks at Thomson-Gale. I just received an email from them that I need to take down my posts “Letters to the President” and (I am assuming) “Souvenirs and Relics” until they are published in the encyclopedia. This is just so that I follow their rules regarding the entries that I wrote for them. As soon as I receive notification of the articles publication, I will post them back up. In any event, I need to edit one of them anyway, but I apologize for any inconvenience to both my readers and the encyclopedia staff.


1 thought on “Oops, My Bad

  1. Hi Daniel,

    I’m just curious — what encyclopedia are you contributing to? I tried to find reference to it in other blog entries here, but had no luck.

    Just as a side note, Thomson has officially divested itself of its entire Learning division, and now Gale is part of Cengage Learning.


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