Seeking writers

I would like to once again place a call for interested persons to write for this site. You may inquire by using the contact page linked above. Please include (if applicable) your institutional affiliation and title. I am seeking historians, students, and history buffs to write on almost any topic dealing with the Civil War period. You are not expected to write every week, as I do, but when you can. Again, if writing on the Civil War is something you enjoy, please consider writing for this site.


2 thoughts on “Seeking writers

  1. I have a bachelor’s degree, cum laude, in history from Presbyterian College, 1999; I am working towards pursuing a master’s degree in history, with a specific concentration in the Civil War.

    For what particular topics is there the greatest need?

  2. I have my bachelor’s from the Univ. of Rhode Island with a Major in History/Army ROTC & Landscape Arch. Spent 14 years in the service before retirement. Sr. Vice Commander Camp 21 Sons of Union Vets. Civil War Newport/Washington Counties RI. Life Member History Channel Club, Member Civil War Battlefield Pres. Trust, and others. I am a Historical Researcher U.S. Military & The Civil War are my specific areas of research along with special operations.Working toward my Masters in U.S. Military (Civil War) and Special Operations. I would be honored to write on any topic,also topics dealing with special operations during the Civil War

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