A great tribute to Gen. Grant and The Civil War according to Playmobil

Civil Warriors posted a great video link to the classic Looney Tunes cartoon “Southern Fried Rabbit” featuring Bugs Bunny facing a Confederate Yosemite Sam, which is located here. I decided to see what great stuff has been added to Youtube lately and found the following videos. The first one is an awesome tribute to Gen. Grant that will make any Union man proud and is set to “Battle Cry of Freedom” (being from Illinois, I found it riveting and almost sang along). The other is a creative video featuring Playmobil toys set to the war, posed, and with effects that make the images look period. I recommend watching the Playmobil video first to get a good laugh, then the Grant tribute to rouse your spirits.

Here is the Grant tribute:

Here is the Playmobil Civil War video (more of the videos can be found here):

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