Send me your links

I am looking to update my Links page and hope to include more sites than those I already have, so please send me your Civil War website link and I will happily include it. I also hope that you will consider linking my site to yours as well. You can use the comment feature to leave the name, URL, and a brief description of your site. Thanks for your help.


7 thoughts on “Send me your links

  1. Daniel,

    My site is “One Man’s Rebellion Record”

    The url is

    I blog about various Civil War subjects but my main topic of interest is the life of Everton J. Conger, who was in charge of the troops that captured John Wilkes Booth. Most of my blogging is about non-military matters.


  2. The American Civil War was the bloodiest and largest amount of casualties that Americans have ever faced on there own soil. Lets not loose the stories of those brave and great men that fought for what they believed in!

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