New look and new link

I thought I would try a new look for the site to see what you all think. WordPress offers a variety of themes and I am always looking for themes that are professional, yet visually appealing. I decided to try a darker theme, as it highlights links better and I think reads a bit better. The only thing I don’t like about it is the lack of tabbed pages at the top, but that is a minor inconvenience that has been remedied. In addition to the new look, I have added a link to the History News Network. HNN is a great site that I am currently working for in my spare time and have worked for in the past. I have just taken on the position of Breaking News Editor for the site and look forward to working with Rick Shenkman for the summer. HNN offers a great internship program for students that I have done before that offers students a chance to work for the site, which looks great on the CV/resume and can earn the student publication opportunities and a potential for college credit. The internship program is unpaid, but well worth the experience. I hope that you all will check out HNN’s website and subscribe to their free email lists. I also hope that you like the new look. If you don’t like the new look, please let me know and if enough of you don’t like this look, I will go back to the old one.


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