Still here

Fear not, I am still here. I have been a bit busy wrapping up my thesis and hope to get approval and defend it soon and graduate in August. After that, I will begin my doctoral work in the fall. With that I have not had the time to really write this last week. What I will say is that I hope to have something this next week and can always use some suggestions.

I do have a bit of sad news to report. Civil War Interactive is discontinuing its This Week in Blogs service for good reasons. I have emailed them and stressed that they appeal to Civil War bloggers to keep it going, but have not heard back. This is sad, as it was one of the motivators for my weekly postings. Fear not, as I will keep posting and will be finishing up reviews of Civil War books soon and will post them here.

Now, with regard to my thesis, I plan to explore posting it in some format here when it is completed. When that happens, I will let you all know. Have a great weekend and take care.


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