Civil War History on Facebook

I guess you could say I have surrendered to the dark side, but I decided to follow the example of Kevin Levin at Civil War Memory and create a Facebook group for this blog. You may be asking why I chose to do this. I chose to put us on Facebook to both increase readership as well as allow those of us who are already on Facebook and checking this site out to get to know each other. I would also hope that we can use the discussion features to engage in lively debates. So, if you have a Facebook account, search for Civil War History and you will find us, as we are the only group (that I can find via a search on there) with that name. To those of you who already write for the site, I will make you officers in the group. If you join and are interested in writing for the site, do not hesitate to let me know. I hope that this group will help grow this blog even more and will help us all learn a bit more about each other.


2 thoughts on “Civil War History on Facebook

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  2. Nice to see your enthusiasm for history. I trust you will be more fair and balanced than Kevin Levin who IMO is extremely pro-Union and irreverant towards the South. Best of luck with your blog.

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