New section of the site

In an effort to enhance the usability of this site, I have created a new section to aid high school students and college students in locating good undergraduate and graduate programs in History. The History Programs page contains links to separate pages for undergraduate and graduate programs in History. I would like to encourage and invited students, faculty, and recruiting staff from all History programs that have a strong Civil War emphasis to contact the site and provide me details about their program, which I will post on the site.

Eventually, I will also post information on how to get into and be successful in undergraduate and graduate programs. I hope that eventually the site will be able to be a good source of information on History education.

Note:  Due to the redesign of the website and that I did not receive much feedback on it, I unpublished the History Programs section of the site for now.


2 thoughts on “New section of the site

  1. Dan, I stumbled across your posting in my looking for information about Daniel Sauerwein who lived in Baltimore, MD from abot 1805 to 1872. His son, Daniel Sauerwein fought in the Civil War. I’m wondering if among your historical research you have done your own family background and whether we are related. Just a thought…
    Karen Grimm

    • Karen,

      How interesting that you found my site. I am not aware of any relation on my part to any Sauerwein family in Maryland, as my branch of the family was born around the St. Louis area. I have attempted to research my dad’s side of the family, but I do not have the time to devote to it as much, plus the record is not as clear (if I knew German it would probably help ;)). It is possible that I could be very distantly related. I wish you the best of luck.

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