New look for the site

Well, thanks everyone who let me know their thoughts on the appearence of the site. I heeded your input and changed the theme and selected a brighter one that I hope will be easier to read. I want to explain why I change the site’s theme every so often. One, I like to “freshen” things up a bit and a change in look can help. Second, I like to see what new themes WordPress has out and how they might look. Sometimes it is difficult because not every site meets certain specifications that I prefer, which are displaying the post’s author, as this is a group blog, providing ample amounts of widgets so that I can display all the features that I have for the site, and tabbed navigation. The tabbed navigation is the least important to me, as I have chosen themes witout it, but I do prefer it, as it provides a more professional look in my opinion. Thanks again and I hope you like the new theme and new header image.


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