Virtual Civil War Round Table not forgotten

For those of you who remember my posting on the possibility of creating a virtual Civil War Round Table, I have not forgotten about it, but have had to place it on the back burner, as classes come first. However, I did discuss the idea with one of the professors in my department and he gave me some great insights into how this might be set up. I am hopeful to try and set something up late next month or in May once things with class wind down. Since a number of you have expressed an interest and willingness to help, I will get in touch with you as I get closer to attempting to create this.

In other news, we are currently watching the Red River of the North rise to near record levels. The city of Fargo, ND is sandbagging around the clock in an attempt to fight the flood. North Dakota State University, which partners with the Ph.D. program I am in has cancelled classes to allow students to help fight the flood. My campus is currently allowing excused absences to help out since we are about 80 miles north and are protected to sixty feet after being devestated in 1997. I may be down helping this week with Civil Air Patrol, but am not sure, as I still have class. Until next time, have a great week.


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