Society of Civil War Historians – Call for Papers

The Society of  Civil War Historians is calling for papers for their conference June 17 -19, 2010 in Richmond, Virginia.

Deadline for paper proposals is September 15, 2009.

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About Billy Whyte

Hello my name is William Whyte. I live in Nazareth, Pennsylvania with my wife, Susan, and my two children, Kylie and William. I am currently enrolled at East Stroudsburg University and scheduled to graduate with a Masters of Arts degree in History in the fall of 2008. I count the American Civil War, nineteenth century America, and World War II among my specific areas of historical interest. I hope to pursue a doctorate degree in history upon successful completion of a Masters Degree. I am currently employed with a major bank in the financial district of downtown New York and as an Adjunct Professor at a local community college. I’m a member of the OAH, AHA, and the Society for Civil War Historians. I love spending time with my family and traveling to Civil War battlefields, as well as other historical sites. I also enjoy fishing, hunting, reading, film, and New York Giants football. I hope to one day be a professor of history at a university or small college and to publish historical works.

2 thoughts on “Society of Civil War Historians – Call for Papers

  1. Hello,

    I have just finished a six year endeavor of writing a story about my family. It turned out to be eleven chapters of twelve about my Great Grandfather’s Civil War service. John Darling Terry enlist at 15 in the 1st Mass., went on to receive a MOH for service in the 23rd Mass., and then missing a leg for his service in the NYC Draft Riots received an appointment in the 1st NCCV as a Lieutenant & RQM. He served three more years, lost his wooden leg at Olustee and end up workingfor Saxton and Sickles at the Freedmen Bureau.

    I find myself content with the work for family purposes but much of what was found was what I think very historically significant. My request is for advice from someone jn this field. My Master’s is in Computer Science and I have lost all touch with the people at WVU. It would be greatly appreciated if I could get pointed in the right direction. I have published inmy field but once again am lost in this domain. Thanks in advance for any help,

    Robert Haddon Terry

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