Sorry for not posting lately

Hey everyone, I am terribly sorry for not posting for the last couple of weeks, but I have been quite busy with other things, and also had my mother visiting me in North Dakota. I have also been back home in Illinois since July 1, but my parent’s internet is ancient dial-up, and has been acting up, which has made posting quite difficult. I am excited about the coming weeks, however, as I will be completing several projects that have occupied much of my time. I will also be completing a few book reviews, so there should be some new and interesting content coming up. Fellow writer Billy Whyte has also been busy, serving as assistant editor for an ABC-Clio encyclopedia dealing with Civil War naval topics (good luck with it, Billy). In any event, I am having an enjoyable time being home and my dad and I are going to the All-Star Fan Fest in St. Louis on Monday (tickets to Home Run Derby and the All-Star Game are a bit out of my price range). I will be back in North Dakota next Friday night, so I should have something a few days after that. Until then, thanks for your support and understanding, have a great weekend, and I hope you all watch the All-Star Game on Tuesday (Go NL!).


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