Donating my work

I wanted to let you all know that while I was visiting Illinois, I donated a copy of my thesis to the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library in Springfield. This is not because I necessarily believe that my work is so great that everyone must read it, but was more to show my appreciation to the institution, as they provided me the majority of my source material, particularly manuscripts and newspapers on microfilm. I received a letter yesterday from them expressing gratitude for my donation. I will also be sending them an electronic copy shortly as well. To that end, I am providing it to you all as well. While I posted the document months ago, this copy has the page containing the approving signatures of my committee, which I was able to access finally before I left and incorporate it into the PDF. I hope those of you who have not yet read my thesis will download it and read it. Please remember that it is a copyrighted work and I would appreciate being credited if you choose to use it in research, as I did put a lot of work into it.



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