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Okay folks, I have a special offer to make, courtesy of Miriam Parker, Associate Director, Online Marketing at Hachette Book Group. I would like to offer five copies of Robert Hicks’ new book A Separate Country (Hicks also wrote The Widow of the South). This giveaway is being held in conjunction with Book Blogger Appreciation Week. To enter and be considered for a copy, please either comment or use the Contact CWH page, provide your real name and a valid email, and comment on the following:

Excluding James McPherson’s Battle Cry of Freedom (clearly a hard-hitting work), what do you feel has been the most significant historical book on the Civil War to be published in the last twenty-five (25) years and why?

How long should your comment be? I would prefer those interested to answer the question in a good paragraph, with multiple paragraphs being good too. There is no right answer, as I merely want your thoughts on the question backed up by intelligent thought, as I know you are all intelligent people reading this site. Basically, convince this historian why the book you chose was the most significant, drawing upon the book itself and the career of the author, if needed. I will explain that I excluded McPherson because he is a giant of the field and his work would be on many lists and I would like to see what other possibilities you will think of.

Also, please answer this question with just a title: What is your favorite fiction book on the Civil War? Again, no right answer.

I will leave the contest open until midnight of Monday, September 21, so please be sure to enter. I will examine all entries and will choose what I feel are the five best submissions and email the winners to request appropriate contact information for Miriam to send the copy to. Further, the five winners and a couple of honorable mentions will be posted and the submitters will be given the opportunity to join the writing staff of the site. I hope you will all enter the contest and wish luck to everyone. Thank you to Miriam Parker and Hachette Book Group for making this opportunity available.

Update: I forgot to mention that residents of the US and Canada are the only ones eligible, due to the limitations of where Miriam Parker can send the books. My apologies to those outside the US and Canada.

11 thoughts on “Book Giveaway for BBAW

  1. I am no expert on this but I surely enjoyed Doris Kearns Goodwin’s TEAM OF RIVALS. First, I like the way she thinks and writes. This is a book that told about an entire team of important people that Abraham Lincoln used to get him through the his “war cabinet”. The five people she focused on were Edwin Stanton, Edward Bates, Salmon P. Chase, William Seward, and of course Lincoln himself. I think the other reason I liked this book is because I could listen to Doris Kearns Goodwin talk about the history of our country forever. She is just so fascinating to me. I hope this is what you wanted as I would REALLY like to win this book. Thank you for the great giveaway.

  2. I’ve only read a couple Civil War books, so I really wouldn’t know where to start in recommending one as the most powerful in the past twenty-five years.

    The books that I have read are The Red Badge of Courage by Stephen Crane and The Killer Angels by Michael Shaara. Out of the two I liked The Red Badge of Courage the Best, and I think it’s because I read it for my own enjoyment, while The Killer Angels was a history assignment in high school.

    So, I guess as far as Civil War fiction goes I am a little bit of an ignoramus, but I would love to be enlightened!

  3. To be honest, I can’t think of any book I’ve read other than Gone with the Wind so that would have to be my favorite Civil War novel.
    The reviews I read of this book though seem fantastic, and I’d love to read something I normally wouldn’t entertain. I’m intrigued already by this man’s life. Thanks for hosting.

  4. I am not sure how old it is but my choice would be Andersonville. It tells a story that is often overlooked in many history books and it is pretty brutal. The POW’s and desserters had to live under horrible living conditions that are often not mentioned in many books.
    My favorite all time civil war book is The Red Badge of Courage.
    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  5. I wanted to give a quick update on this contest. So far, some responses have not been quite to what I was getting at with the main question. No worries though, but try to think about recent books. The reason I focus on recent works is because some of the books listed by respondents are obvious significant works in the overall Civil War canon. Keep sending in responses, but please remember to provide me your real name (first and last), especially so it will be easier to contact the winners. I forgot to mention that residents of the US and Canada only are eligible, which is due to where Miriam can send the copies. Thanks to everyone who has entered thus far.

  6. I would have to say Ken Burns’ The Civil War, for me, would be the most complete and comprehensive volume on the American Civil War. He distilled the events down into the facts, but nothing about it is a dry read.

    Favorite fiction – North and South by John Jakes

    Have a great day!


  7. My choice would be The Civil War: A narrative by Shelby Foote. I think it is the best Civil War book by far.

    American Civil War is not only a piece of first-rate written history, but also a marvelous work of literature.

    I have a large Civil War Library, but do not have this book and would love to add it to my collection.

    rebecca dot cox at charter dot net

  8. I took a class on the Road to Civil War last semester so most of the books I’ve read have been about the antebellum time period rather than the actual war. Of the books I read for that class my favorite was definitely 1831: Year of Eclipse by Louis Masur, the way the book was organized into different sections was super helpful and it was easy to read. As for books about the civil war I found the Civil War Dictionary by Mark Boatner to be pretty useful. In terms of a novel I really enjoyed The Killer Angels.

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