North vs. South in Super Bowl XLIV

First, my apologies for not getting a couple posts up the last couple weeks. I hope to get them done this week. Now, living in North Dakota, and being the son of a North Dakotan has caused me to somewhat follow the Minnesota Vikings for years, though not as closely as recently. I hoped that with Brett Favre at QB, they would make it this year, but alas, the New Orleans Saints are NFC champions and will face the Colts in two weeks.

Now what does this have to do with the Civil War? Well, not much, but since the two teams represent two distinct regions of the country, it does make for interesting commentary. I personally will be pulling for the Colts to avenge the Vikes by destroying the Saints. I can also see much of the South cheering for the Saints due to them being a Southern team, while much of the North could root for the Colts, either for regional loyalty, or just to see Manning win the game. It will be interesting to see if our loyalties in the big game fall along geographic lines. In short, I hope the vaunted players of Indianapolis will defeat the Saints in the South on February 7.


3 thoughts on “North vs. South in Super Bowl XLIV

  1. Who Dat Say They Gonna Beat Them Saints? Sounds as if them Yankees said that yesterday!! Who won!?
    Game day in a forte night!


  2. Me, being a native of Louisiana, am so proud of the Saints. After 40 years we finally made it. But as always, people are STILL underestimating the Saints once again. I’m so much trash about the Saints not being able to beat the Colts its ridiculous. People act like Manning is unbeatable. Well we had to go through 2 FUTURE HALL OF FAME QB’s to get to the Superbowl. And all Manning had to do was get passed “The NO OFFENSE” Ravens and a rookie quarterback. I don’t care what people say, THE SAINTS ARE WINNING THE SUPERBOWL THIS YEAR!

  3. I am from the South and I will be pulling for the Saints, but not for the reason you stated, not because the Saints are from the South but because they have never been to or won the Super Bowl. I have an interesting conspiracy theory….Favre cost the Vikings their game against the Saints with a late game interception…Favre is from the South..and pulled for the Saints when he was a kid…..Now I wonder if the Colts can trust Manning ?? Manning, if everyone will recall, is the son of Archie Manning…anyone have a clue as to what team Archie Manning played for in the NFL ? : ) That’s right…The Saints !! I wonder if Peyton will pull a Favre ????? Hope everyone enjoys the Super Bowl !!! Oh when the Saints…… come marching in !!!

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