A new Civil War Roundtable

I would like to take this opportunity to announce that a colleague and I have decided to form a physical Civil War Round Table. I have mentioned in the past my wish to create a virtual one, due to our remote location in North Dakota. Well, fellow doctoral student Stuart Lawrence put together the organizational materials, with me helping plug the group and offer moral support, and we have created the Northern Plains Civil War Roundtable. We are constructing a web-based home (will link that very soon). Anyway, if you live in the Grand Forks area and read this blog, please consider joining us at the E. Grand Forks, MN VFW Club this Tuesday, April 27 at 7:00 PM. Stuart will present the first paper, which will deal with the Zuoves in the Union Army. This blog will give coverage of the first meeting and I will explore how to put presentations on Youtube. I hope you will support us through encouragement and suggestions of ways we can reach those physically unable to join us at our meetings.

Click here to download an info. sheet on the group.


One thought on “A new Civil War Roundtable

  1. I wanted to let you know about this awesome digital project that was launched in 2002. The Lincolnarchives Digital Project is scanning all of the federal records created during the Lincoln administration, including Civil War records, and placing them online at http://www.lincolnarchives.us. With over 8,000 documents currently online, and over 500,000 scanned, we are busy getting these documents online for those Civil War scholars, teachers, students and lifelong learners as the Civil War Sesquicentennial launches in November, with Lincoln’s election and the following southern secessions from the Union.

    These documents are being scanned from the originals. There is no microfilm on this website. Along with scanning the documents, we are letting the power of technology make these thousands, and soon to be millions of records searchable. Along with the documents, we have newspapers of the period, scanned from original papers, the finding aids and entry descriptions online to help you search for records you are particularly interested in, and video podcasts from leading Lincoln and Civil War scholars. All from your office or home, minus the dust, of course!

    We are ready to offer your roundtable members a discounted membership of $100 annually. The price will be going up in January to $350 per year. The cost of flight and lodging in the D.C. area long enough to view the records currently online would cost thousands of dollars. And once you get to the Archives, there is no inventory or index of what is in a box, so it requires removing every document from the box, unfolding and reading through the document searching for what you want. We have done all of the hard work for you.
    This is a non-profit endeavor and subscriptions pay for continuing the project. We need the support of fellow Civil War Roundtables. This project will enable millions of people globally to have access to these records, not only protecting the original documents, but enabling a cost effective way for you to study the Civil War.

    If you have any questions, I would be more than happy to answer them. Please help support this project with your subscriptions.

    Best regards,
    Karen Needles
    Lincolnarchives Digital Project

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