Update on the supposed tampering with Lincoln documents

Thanks to Brett Schulte and the gang at TOCWOC for posting this update. As Civil Warriors first posted and I posted on January 25, Lincoln scholar Thomas Lowry admitted, then later denied, altering the date of a pardon issued by Lincoln. Now, Mr. Lowry is telling his side of the story in greater detail through his own blog, which does raise speculation about how the case was handled by the federal government. Having read the posting, I am willing to consider that Mr. Lowry may have been railroaded until shown otherwise. I will also modify my remarks on the damage being done here, and consider the possibility that someone researching years before Mr. Lowry may have tampered with the document, fooling both Mr. Lowry and the staff of the Archives until technology allowed a very detailed examination of the forensics of that item. I will say that, if innocent, he is vindicated in the media and I will happily post that.

Now, I will take issue with the characterization of the Civil War blogging community. When one blog, written by reputable historians, post a link to media reports dealing with some aspect of the war, or research on the period, others, myself included are going to pick it up and link to the original post. This is because it is a news worthy item and not every blog on the war has the same readership. Further, when the sources reporting include the Associated Press, National Archives, Washington Post and NPR, it is hard not to consider that it is legitimate.

With this new side to the story, I am now on the fence. If Mr. Lowry is proven right, the federal government has a serious problem on its hands. After reading his response, some of his observations are interesting. The criticism of the changing nature of the National Archives is truly worth exploring deeper. I hope that this case will be resolved soon.

4 thoughts on “Update on the supposed tampering with Lincoln documents

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  3. Given his description of the interrogation and the fact that his own truthfulness was confirmed by a polygraph — and the fact that most people who know him will vouch for his honesty and integrity — I think it’s pretty obvious that Dr. Lowry was railroaded. The missing evidential links are the alleged repeated attempts of NARA to contact Lowry by e-mail or whatever before the investigators called in person. If Dr. Lowry is telling the truth, the people who framed him should be fired — and the people who turned on him should hang their heads in shame. AP told you Pearl Harbor took place with no warning — despite seven days of front-page newspaper stories predicting a war with Japan….time to grow up, kiddies. The federal government once sanctioned slavery too.

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