An interesting blog from Longwood University

With all the buzz over the 150th anniversary of the war, Longwood University has entered the Civil War blogosphere with their blog That a Nation Might Live. From what I have seen, they are off to a good start with some great posts. Two professors at Longwood, Dr. Charles Ross and Dr. David Coles write the blog, so check it out. Also, thanks to them for posting this site to their blogroll.


2 thoughts on “An interesting blog from Longwood University

  1. American deaths listed by most sources have only the figures for the North/646,392.
    However, those who died on the side of the South were also Americans having served in the
    Their figure of 335,200 should be included in total American dead , which would be 981,926.

    • Jack,

      First, I edited your comment in order to protect your identity since you put your address on it. The figure of over 600,000 you provide is including deaths in the South as well. Most sources agree that roughly 620,000 Americans died in the war on both sides. That said, I would like to know what sources you have to support your claim and then ask what can be gained by making the war bloodier than it already was by increasing the casualty figure. In any event, thank you for your comment.

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