A historic night

Tonight, Usama bin Laden was killed in an American operation, ending the almost ten-year manhunt for him (Hooah!). One wonders what our emotions will be in the next few days and how the war will progress. This causes me to reflect upon the mood of the nation when word of Lee’s surrender spread across our nation that early April in 1865, yet the war was not yet over, but would soon be. I hope that this momentous and historic event will allow our current conflict to end sooner.

While I know this is not Civil War related, I felt compelled to post the momentous news and would have done so sooner, but was at the library and did not see anything of it until getting home a short time ago.

May God continue to look over those serving in our Armed Forces at home and abroad.

2 thoughts on “A historic night

  1. Reading the 1865 manual for American soldiers, I was struck by the expectations they act in a manner worthy of the flag and country they defend. So, too, did the navy seals and professional military personnel who assisted in this operation. No smart bomb here. Just man-on-man.

  2. We were on historic Route 66 in Springfield, Illinois, at the Curve Inn, a roadhouse dating to the 1930s.

    The jukebox was turned down, dart games stopped, cheers went up and toasts were made.

    Justice done at last.

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