Happy Birthday, Mr. Lincoln

Though it is almost the end of the day, February 12 is Abraham Lincoln’s birthday. Though opinions on him range quite a bit, depending on one’s views on the war, it cannot be denied that he was one of our greatest presidents, facing a daunting challenge and seeing the nation through our bloodiest war, only to be cut down by an assassin’s bullet within days of the war’s conclusion (at least for the most part). The interest and scholarship recently blossomed on his 200th birthday in 2009, but there are still many who are interested in the life and accomplishments of this man from Illinois. In any event, Happy Birthday, Mr. Lincoln.


One thought on “Happy Birthday, Mr. Lincoln

  1. I agree. I believe that Lincoln is still by far our greatest President. I listened to Craig L. Symonds give a great lecture on this greatness at the Annual Watchorn Lincoln Dinner this year. It amazes me that no matter how many books I keep reading, or are written by current Lincoln scholars, I still learn much from his life. He will never stop being relevant to any red blooded American. Unless you are a Southern Sympathizer, of course.

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