Best New Blog in History for 2007?

And the winner goes to . . . (Civil War History, I hope). Well, it is hard to believe that I have had this blog up for a little over six months. I would like to thank all of you who faithfully read and comment here, as we are closing in on 5,000 hits. With that said, I would like to ask a favor of you all. I nominated this site for consideration for the 2007 Cliopatria Awards, specifically the category for Best New Blog, which is posted through the History News Network site (I worked for the website as an intern from January to August of 2006). That said, I would appreciate your support and encouragement, as I attempt to earn this award. I believe in this site very much and feel that the proof is in the numbers for such a short time. Therefore, I ask you to go to the link for Best New Blog and nominate this site only if you feel that this site is deserving. In addition, I ask that you keep the comments coming, as I do appreciate them and make every effort to respond via email. If you feel that this site merits nomination in any of the other categories, please feel free to do so, as I would appreciate it. In addition to this site, do not forget some of the blogs linked here, especially Sarah’s site Ten Roads, which could also use a nomination. With that said, I wish the other nominees the best of luck and I hope you will continue to show support.