New group on Facebook for the blog

With the many changes that have gone on in Facebook, I created a new group for the blog, where you can go to discuss and the like and interact with other readers of this blog.

Join our Facebook group.

I will also place this in the sidebar as well.


On using social media

Over at Civil War Memory, Kevin Levin, posted on his use of social media and how it helps him as a teacher and historian. The examples he noted are some of what I have done to increase the audience of this blog as well. In addition, I see blogging and the use of social media as a way for us to stay relevant in a climate where history is losing much of its value and distinctiveness to other disciplines that hold more lucrative salary potential, or to increasing trends towards inter-disciplinary type programs on college campuses. Using social media allows us to share our passion with those we may not otherwise interact with, either because of distance, or environment. One of our professors at UND, Bill Caraher, is the master of the social media and new technologies, as he regularly writes about it on his blog. While I am still not quite up on regularly tweeting or Facebooking, I am trying to interact with such new technologies, as they are the future and historians must embrace them to stay relevant to younger people.

Civil War History on Facebook

I guess you could say I have surrendered to the dark side, but I decided to follow the example of Kevin Levin at Civil War Memory and create a Facebook group for this blog. You may be asking why I chose to do this. I chose to put us on Facebook to both increase readership as well as allow those of us who are already on Facebook and checking this site out to get to know each other. I would also hope that we can use the discussion features to engage in lively debates. So, if you have a Facebook account, search for Civil War History and you will find us, as we are the only group (that I can find via a search on there) with that name. To those of you who already write for the site, I will make you officers in the group. If you join and are interested in writing for the site, do not hesitate to let me know. I hope that this group will help grow this blog even more and will help us all learn a bit more about each other.