Happy Birthday, Mr. Lincoln!

Being originally from Illinois, today is a special day in the State and one that we used to get off from school when I was young. It is even more special given the year. Today is Abraham Lincoln’s birthday and it is the bicentennial of his birth. Lincoln’s importance to the history of this nation make celebrating his birthday as important as Washington’s (February 22). While both are honored with President’s Day, I personally feel that both mens’ birthdays should be national holidays because of the significance to our history that they have.

I would like to encourage you all, if you do not already own one, to pick up a book on Lincoln and learn about him. I recommend Abraham Lincoln by James McPherson, which I reviewed earlier, as well as David Herbert Donald’s Lincoln. Those of you in Illinois should go and visit the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum in Springfield, as it is a good facility. Try to find some way to reflect upon Lincoln, his life, and what he stood for.


Happy 200th Birthday, President Lincoln!