Civil War Events Feature Minstrel Song Revival – ABC News

Civil War Events Feature Minstrel Song Revival – ABC News.

Pretty interesting article on a revival of Civil War era music via reenacting. I had the opportunity to listen to the 97th Regimental String Band while at Pipestone, MN a few weeks ago and they were a great group.

While I understand some of the discomfort over some of the lyrics used in the songs, we must remember that society was different 150 years ago and did not subscribe to the same values and attitudes that we might. Such events must be understood in their proper historical context and they can serve a purpose for reflecting upon the past to hopefully open a civil and honest debate about the issues of slavery and race in America’s past.

Does the music make the movie?

I was just listening to bits of one of my favorite movie soundtracks, The Last of the Mohicans and it got me thinking about some Civil War films and series with great soundtracks. We all are likely familiar with the music from Gettysburg, Glory, and North and South, but all this begs the question: does the music make the movie? I believe that it does in a sense. While all three examples of Civil War movie making are known for their cinematography, I also feel that the beauty of their scores sets them apart and helps build the scenes.

Who can forget the rising crescendo of the score in Gettysburg as the men involved in Pickett’s Charge are marching across the field, with the cameras panning across the long line of Confederate soldiers? Or the climactic ending of the music from Glory when the men of the Fifty-fourth have just lost Col. Shaw and charge into Fort Wagner only to meet Southern cannon? The theme from North and South was used to set many a scene in the series, including the parting of friends before the war. Music is a powerful force in movies and Civil War movies are no exception.

With that in mind, I pose the question to you, what other Civil War movies have good soundtracks?