Obama’s history making day and the Civil War

What a night in history! With Sen. Barack Obama being the Democratic nominee for President, one can not help but take in the history surrounding this occasion, whether Republican or Democrat. Obama is the first African-American to receive the nomination of a major political party in American history. This is a testament to the sacrifice of the nation in the Civil War that a black man may become our next president. In full disclosure, while I personally disagree with his politics, I can not help but appreciate the history that I am witnessing through his nomination. If elected, Obama will preside over our nation’s commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the Civil War. How this will effect our remembrance of the war will be interesting to witness. I feel that many in the North would see an Obama presidency as the Civil War coming full circle, as a man who may very well have been in bondage prior to the war is leading the nation that fought its bloodiest war so that all men would be free. I also see that some in the South would use an Obama presidency to advance the Lost Cause, arguing that had the South not lost the war, Obama would never be able to become the nominee of a major party, let alone president. The only remaining question regarding the Obama nomination and possible presidency is what would Lincoln think about it?