CWH Webring

If you maintain your own website relating to the Civil War, we invite you to join the Civil War History Ring. Membership is open to anyone who has an interest in the Civil War and the subjects of your sites can be on just about anything relating to the war, or the periods before and after (1848-1877). There are only three important rules regarding membership:

1. No “neo-Confederate sites.” We welcome those who seek to honor Confederate soldiers or units as well as those who have interest in the history of the Confederacy and its army/navy. However, we do not want sites that claim the war is still going on, the South will rise again, racist sites, white supremacist sites, or sites that advocate that slavery was a good thing. There is a difference between honoring the past and re-writing it, don’t re-write it. Also, no sites advocating the overthrow of the government can be allowed.

2. Site owners MUST have a valid email address and must place the navigation code into their site to be active.

3. Site must be, to the best of the owner’s ability, historically accurate. That said, give credit where credit is do in your content.

If you are interested in joining the ring, Click Here.

If link does not work, copy and paste the following URL into your browser: